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House of the World is a documentary that puts a human face on the extraordinary historic event known as The Shoah. Shot in 16- millimeter film in Poland this award -winning documentary focuses on the lasting repercussions of the genocide by examining the relationsip between objective history and personal memory. Appropriate for young adults and universities as well as for home use, House of the World tells a timeless story.

54 minutes / color / 1999

Sale/video: Universities $275
Non profits/Schools/Libraries $275
Home and Individual Purchases $49.95
Rental $75
25% discount on purchases of five or more
House of the World bundled with The Peasant and the Priest $400

For screenings email Esther Podemski at epodemski (at) gmail (dot) com

Praise for House of the World


This film shows how the Judaic injunction to remember the past and care for the graves of one's ancestors remains an imperative even today . . . a spellbinding story." - library Journal

"Using stylized archival footage, sparing interviews, and a smooth montage this elegy for Polish Jews encourages viewers to "inhabit" the stories eloquently told here. Highly recommended" - Booklist.

We are haunted by what we see and don't see, and reminded that soon all remnants of Jewish life in Poland will vanish completely. . . a very powerful film . . . providing essential focus to the value of Memory. House of the World can be used effectively in college level college level classes about the Holocaust, Jewish Studies, and Psychology. . . It is highly recommended" - MC Journal: the Journal of Academic Media Librarianship.